Through this salary sacrifice mobile phone scheme, employees can benefit from employer’s bulk discounts and tax and National Insurance savings, making a new phone more affordable.  Employers also make savings through National Insurance relief.

What is Mobilesave?

Mobilesave is a salary sacrifice scheme that makes the latest mobile phone handset technology affordable and accessible to employees. The scheme enables employees to benefit from tax and National Insurance (NI) savings on the purchase of state-of-the-art mobile phone handsets paid for over a 24-month period via salary sacrifice. An employer makes NI savings on the salary swapped for a mobile phone.

Benefits for Employees

  • Employee Tax and National Insurance saving of either 32%, 42% or 47% depending on whether an employee is a basic, higher or additional rate taxpayer,  on the  cost of a mobile phone through salary sacrifice
  • Access to latest technology mobile phones at a reduced price (iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia) with a 2 year contract through EE (T-Mobile and Orange), O2 and Vodafone networks
  • Primary scheme is for unlimited minutes, texts and data usage
  • Secondary scheme with lower grade handsets, usage and monthly costs
  • Can transfer old phone number
  • Salary sacrifice portal for ease of application
  • Help-line / order placement line for non-internet users
  • No credit checks

Benefits for Employers

  • National Insurance savings on salary swapped for a mobile phone
  • GAP insurance built into the monthly premium to protect the employer for up to six months in case of maternity leave or long term sickness, and for the remainder of the plan for AWOL employees
  • Fully-managed and secure online salary sacrifice portal
  • Minimal administration for employer and employees
  • Marketing flyers to promote the scheme and for maximum employee engagement
  • Phones are returned after 24 months, or retained by the employee with a Benefit in kind or donated to charity. The transfer process is taken on by the supplier and NOT by the employer

How does this salary sacrifice mobile phone scheme work?

We will set up a customised online Mobilesave website through which the scheme is offered to employees. There are also leaflets explaining the scheme and how it works. The Mobilesave portal contains a fully integrated online/telephone salary sacrifice election system and provides instructions to employees on how to sign up for the scheme.


Mobilesave video