Salary Sacrifice schemes

Choose from one of our salary sacrifice schemes or combine several to help your staff make more of their salary, whilst making significant tax and National Insurance (NI) savings for your employees and NI savings for you as the employer.

Salary Sacrifice portal

Our Salary Sacrifice portal manages all of your employee benefits in one, easy-to-access place, whether you have just one scheme or a whole range of benefits.

The portal contains a fully integrated online or telephone salary sacrifice election system and provides instructions to employees on how to sign up for the scheme. There are also online leaflets explaining the scheme and how it works.  The best bit is, any management fees will be funded by the National Insurance (NI) savings you make as an employer.

Your portal will be fully customised to suit your requirements and can be used to promote other company benefits, such as pensions and childcare vouchers making it the go to place for your employees to find information about company benefits.

The Allsave portal includes:



Allsave’s Cycle-to-Work scheme allows employees to save Tax and NI on the cost of a bicycle from more than 2,000 UK independent stores as well as Cycle2Work outlets at Halfords.

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Help your employees balance work and parenting, with Tax and NI savings of up to £933 per year on the cost of regsitered childcare and the Employer makes NI savings too.

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Employees can access bulk discounts as well as National Insurance relief on the cost of computers and tablets.

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Staff can save tax and NI and minimize their impact on the environment with a fully insured and maintained ‘green’ car with low emissions. Employers save NI too.

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Employees can choose from a range of discounted health screening assessments and pay for them through salary sacrifice in order to save tax and NI. The Employer saves NI too.

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Let your staff spend more time at home and enjoy a happier, more productive workforce, with up to 3 weeks extra time off work.  Leavesave has saved organisations thousands of pounds each year!

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Employees can enjoy the employer's bulk discount price on a new mobile phone whilst saving tax and NI through salary sacrifice. Employers save NI too.

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Tax and NI savings on lower corporate rate season tickets for work parking and the benefit of spreading the cost over the year. Employer saves NI too.

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Legal Adherence

Allsave salary sacrifice schemes adhere to HMRC guidelines, and are administered through the Allsave salary swap system.