Give your employees access to a range of discounted health screening assessments, paid for through salary sacrifice with significant tax and NI savings for the employee, and NI relief for the employer.

Employee Health Screening

Monitoring and improving the health of the workforce benefits both the employees and employer through reducing absence and improving engagement and productivity.

Absenteeism, sickness and ill health cost businesses £100 billion per year in the UK. In addition to this when an employee comes to work feeling ill, their productivity can be significantly reduced which can result in a large indirect cost to employers.  Healthscreensave can help manage these costs through early identification of potential health risks and providing pathways to prevention.

Healthscreensave delivers a full range of health screening assessments, with up to 20% off the RRP. Early identification of health issues can empower employees to take action and encourage them to make healthier lifestyle choices.  Providing employees with the opportunity to have a health assessment makes them feel valued and shows them that their employer wants to support them in both their personal and working lives.

Healthscreensave can be offered to employees either as a voluntary benefit, through salary sacrifice, or can be partially or fully funded by the employer.  The scheme is flexible and can be tailored to an organisation’s individual requirements.  A full range of health assessments are available to accommodate all budgets from basic health check-ups to fully comprehensive health screenings.

Benefits for Employees

  • Better understanding of their current health allows        
    them to make informed lifestyle decisions
  • Early diagnosis of serious health risks can potentially save lives
  • Assessments conducted in a very professional and controlled environment
  • Up to 20% off the RRP of a health screening
  • Tax and National Insurance savings for employees under the salary sacrifice option
  • Promotes a positive relationship between employer and employees
  • Improved health can lead to better work productivity and therefore
    higher work satisfaction

Benefits for Employers

  • Early detection of health issues can reduce long term absence
  • National insurance savings for employer under salary sacrifice option
  • Helps to retain and attract employees
  • Promotes the importance of health and a caring image
  • Minimal administration for employer and employees
  • Management reporting
  • Client admin account through which marketing materials and health and wellbeing factsheets can be accessed
  • Marketing materials to promote the scheme and for maximum employee engagement

Healthscreensave video