Employees can save money on a new computer or table with bulk corporate discounts and benefit from National Insurance relief on the cost of computers and tablets.

How does the salary sacrifice computer scheme work?

Computersave is a salary sacrifice scheme that makes computers, laptops, tablets and other tech such as gaming consoles, cameras, smart TVs and MP3 players, affordable and accessible to employees. The scheme enables employees to benefit from NI savings on the purchase of state-of-the-art computer technology at discounted prices, paid for over a fxed period up to 36 months via salary sacrifice.

Benefits for Employees

  • Employee National Insurance saving on cost of a computer or tablet through salary sacrifice
  • Access to latest technology computers and tablets at a reduced price
  • Leading brands – Apple, Samsung, Asus, Toshiba
  • Own it or Hire it options
  • Complete package with 2 year warranty, technical support, security and Microsoft office (where applicable).
  • Repayment plan of 12, 24 or 36 months as directed by employer
  • Salary sacrifice portal for ease of application
  • Help-line / order placement line for non-internet users
  • Appeal for those who would not usually be given credit to buy a high value item

Benefits for Employers

  • GAP insurance built into the monthly premium to protect the employer for up to six months in case of maternity leave or long term sickness, or for AWOL employees
  • Fully-managed and secure online salary sacrifice portal
  • Minimal administration for employer and employees
  • Online marketing flyers to promote the scheme and for maximum employee engagement
  • Computer / gadget can be returned, retained by the employee with a Benefit in kind or donated to charity. The transfer process is taken on by the supplier and NOT by the employer

How does Computersave work?

We will set up a customised online Computersave portal through which the scheme is offered to employees, as well as providing leaflets that explain the scheme and how it works.  The portal will be tailored to suit your requirements, for example if you wish to exclude a specific retailer.

The Computersave portal contains a fully integrated on-line and telephone salary sacrifice election system and provides instructions to employees on how to sign up for the scheme.

If Computersave is part of a wider benefits scheme then the portal can be embedded in your existing system, providing employees with easy access to all of their benefits in one place.


Computersave video