Employee Support (EAP)


Allsave’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is an engaging and welcoming scheme which enables employees and their immediate family to make contact directly with highly trained counsellors through several channels including face to face, email and phone, depending on the level of cover an employer opts for.

In the UK over 13 million working days are lost every year due to stress. Stress is believed to trigger 70% of visits to doctors and 85% of serious illnesses.  This has a direct impact on productivity levels and therefore both the employer and employees benefit hugely from Employee Support.

This employee support scheme focuses strongly on health and wellbeing, supported by the highest standards of service.  It places equal importance on both major and minor employee issues: such as problems arising from bereavement, divorce and money worries to staff requiring an emergency plumber or childminder.

Employees can access support through a free phone number 24/7 365 days a year.  Specialist advisors are fully trained to provide comprehensive assistance on the emotional and psychological aspects of a broad range of work related or personal issues

A choice of support

Employee Support offers different levels of EAP, to cater for varying budgets and requirements.

  1. Employee 24/7 helpline and up to 6 sessions of structured telephone counselling per employee issue per year
  2. Employee 24/7 helpline and up to 6 sessions of structured telephone or face to face counselling per employee issue per year

*An employee may use Employee Support for more than one issue if required per year.

Benefits for Employees

  • Gives employees the opportunity to help balance their work and personal lives, leading to a more fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Confidential advice and support offered on a wide range of issues. Employee Support delivers an ‘ask anything’ approach.
  • Promotes a positive working environment and increased productivity.
  • Available to employees’ immediate families.
  • Employee support can provide advice on eldercare and health issues such as conditions, benefits and entitlements, post-operative care, and respite care.
  • Legal information specialists can provide employees with legal information but not advice.
  • Confidential guidance on debt management and finances.
  • A free one hour telephone session with a financial advisor and a one hour telephone session with a careers’ coach.
  • Online counselling can be delivered via instant messaging or SMS.

Benefits to Employers

  • Increased productivity through reduced sick days amongst employees.
  • Promotes a positive working environment where the employees feel looked after and valued.
  • Supports staff in their job roles and allows them to deal with the pressures of the job.
  • Manager Assist service offers support to managers dealing with difficult workplace situations.
  • Different levels of EAP to cater for varying budgets and requirements, suitable for companies of all sizes.
  • In depth quarterly or monthly MI reports provided detailing uptake levels for the different services on offer, all whilst maintaining complete employee confidentiality
  • Provider is a member of the EAPA – Employee Assistance Programme Association. 

How does Employee Support work?

Employee Support is a complete online solution for employees offering a wide range of advice on everything from bereavement to parenting, finances to health, and work related issues.

We will set up a customised online Employee Support portal, through which the scheme is offered to employees, and help you promote the service throughout your organisation.

Employee Support video