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What is digital support?

Digital Support provides high quality bespoke digital media content to enhance your organisations internal communications programme.  

According to The Social Science Research Network 65% of the population are visual learners, which means that most people process information based on what they see.

Digital Support is committed to delivering innovative solutions, in a manner that suits your business needs and which deliver an identifiable return on investment.  The range of solutions produced at Digital Support varies from interactive digital media such as videos and newscasts, online training and development programmes to the creation of mobile ‘apps’.

Benefits for Employees

  • Reduces Downtime: Online training reduces the time spent travelling and taking courses by up to 80% when compared to traditional in-house training
  • Increased Retention: Video content makes it easy for employees to digest complex information.
  • Mobile: Courses can be taken on most mobile devices from smartphone to tablets
  • Engaging: Digital content is an entertaining form of communication for employees
  • Time efficient method for employees to view organisational messages or participate in online training
  • Flexibility to view digital content at a location and time convenient for them.
  • Employees can repeatedly watch the digital media content to ensure they fully understand it

Benefits for employers

  • Cost Neutral: E-Learning is almost 50% cheaper than traditional training, and there are huge savings to be made in travel costs and time
  • Detailed Reporting: Performance can be easily monitored by managers and directors
  • Consistency in the delivery of communications
  • Digital content saves time due to the fact that employees do not need to travel anywhere to attend induction or training sessions
  • Completely bespoke content tailored to your organisation's needs
  • Customised, fully branded newscasts are an interactive and engaging way of reaching your desired audience through the means of a more exciting medium compared to the traditional newsletter
  • Recent studies have shown that digital training is far more accessible and much more effective than traditional in-house training
  • Digital content is a great way of engaging staff in a particular idea or message




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Digital Support can include:

  • Digital Media Videos
  • Digital Media Training
  • Bespoke Mobile App Development

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