Allsave MySpree


Employees can save money whilst they spend with this reloadable pre-paid cashback card, courtesy of Allsave Benefits.

Allsave MySpree is a MasterCard which can be used in the same way as a debit card at over 50 retail outlets across the UK.  Shoppers will earn 5% cashback on their purchases at participating stores, with big savings to be made on everything from supermarket shopping, to DIY, to a meal out.

It looks just like a normal bank card with a card number, chip and pin and is also accepted at any outlet that takes Mastercard.

Discounts are applied to the total balance at the point of sale at participating retail outlets and, because employees can only use the credit they place on the card, there’s no worry about overspending!

 My Spree Retailer Grid _July 15

Myspree video