Account Management

As an employee benefits provider we are dedicated to ensuring that your employee benefits scheme fully encompasses the needs of your organisation.  Once you have selected the voluntary or salary sacrifice benefits for your organisation, an implementation plan is drawn up and an Allsave Account Manager ensures that an integrated solution delivers optimal employee participation.


The benefits scheme or schemes you select will be managed by your Allsave Account Manager and administered in-house by your Allsave Account Co-ordinator.    

Steps include:


Marketing your employee benefits scheme

Marketing for your employee benefits scheme will reflect the profile and demographics of employees in your organisation, to gain maximum employee engagement.

The most successful campaigns have included digital e-marketing (employees ‘opt in’), posters, competitions, brochures, payslip flyers, support with internal communication content (utilising existing client platforms and cascade processes), SMS marketing and promotional videos.

Customer service       

A helpdesk provides support at all times to employees who have questions before, during or after their application.